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Fun Ways to Improve Speaking Skills

As the modern era we have to know our international language, becouse English is spoken throughout the world by different countries. English is therefore not a language that one can ignore, through it you can gain access to important fields and people. Having adequate communication skills will take you places. Think of how interesting it is to talk to anybody in the world and understand each other well, so it is important to us to learn or improve our English. research shows that we learn more when we are having fun. A lot of reading , listening music, and watching  movies are the best and funny ways to learn and improve your English skill.
 reading in English is one of  the most effective  and funny ways to build your vocabulary. In fact, native English speakers get the same advice.  Most of the lecture always tell their students that if they want to have a large vocabulary, they must read widely. Whether you enjoy reading the news online or you prefer books, there's a huge variety of English reading material on offer. Not all English books and websites are equally difficult to read.  by reading  novel that you like, you will make fun for  yourself  becouse you are comfortable with it and  it something that you like  so when you come across a word you don't understand, look it up and add it to your vocabulary list and also u will know the meaning of the story.
Working with songs is a very good idea because you work with a material your favorite songs  that you like and enjoy. This fact is going to make the process of learning more pleasant for you. You can work and improve all the four basic skills Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing at the same time through your favorite songs. You are also going to learn new vocabulary and sentences. You can work with songs by different bands and artists and then you are going to work with different accents. U just have to memorize the lyrics and get to know the meaning of it and u would enjoy the music by singing all the time.
Watching  movies in English is a great way to help you improve your English. Especially your listening skills, but you can also improve your spoken English too.with movie in your laptop you can start and stop the films as you want, and you also can replay any section as much as you want. And u need to using a subtitle in English ofcours, becouse as you watch the film scene by scene you might make a note of the main new vocabulary, especially new phrases and words that crop up again and again.  choose a character and try reading their lines whilst the film is playing. Try to copy the actor's accent, and intonation, really act it out. Doing this with friends is a hoot. In fact, once you've watched the film, try acting the whole thing out with friends, record yourselves doing some short scenes and it will make you not realize that it is the part of how you improve your English becouse it’s fun. research shows that we learn more when we are having fun.
In conclusion  there is so much ways to improve our English one of them is make fun of it. when we enjoy and comfort with what we learn  it  will make  easier for us to get the knowledge. Sometimes you don’t need  to be a serious one to study something but you can make it fun for u to learn by yourself.

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