Minggu, 12 Juli 2015

Damage of Use Earphone

Have you ever though about damage of use earphone ? with so many portable audio devices available these day, an increasing number of us begun using earphones  on a daily basis. Everywhere, people can be seen walking around with earphone at their ears. However, an indirect effect of this habit is the possibility of damaging our ears. The use of earphone for long time with high volume can cause temporary deafness.
Any sound louder than 85 dB(decibels) is considered dangerous to our ears while the maximum volume of earphones are 110 dB. To illustrate how loud that is, a rock concert ususally measure in at about 110-120 dB so hearing with your earphone with maximum volume as same as you having a rock concert in your eart. We usually use 90 decibels  when we listened music, actually it’s may not damage your hearing, but if your ears are exposed for extended duration, there is a definite risk. If you were to listen to the 90 dB sound for three hours, you could cause the same damage as a 150 dB. Which 150 dB is the average sound level of a shotgun! So the person is already using their earphone at the level greater than 85 dB and they are doing so for extented period of time, there is a very high risk of permanent noise. According from The National Academy Of Sciences said that the noise level similar to those of jet levels can be heard on eaphone on personal music players if they are turned up loud enough. Scientists have know that temporary deafness and tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) can be caused by noises louder that 110 dB.
The  bad effect of the use earphone should be fix it by  manage the time and the volume safely .we also ignored the consequences of earphone and like to turn up the music as loud as we can and listened for long time. Do not wait the disease to came to you and will regret it someday when you loss it, who will be take care of your health if it is not you.

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