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Proposal Marriage

Marcus Garvey states that “a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”. Culture is our identity, one of the clan who has still hold their culture in south Sulawesi is clan Bugis. their value is Siri’ Na Pacce (embarrassed and guilty), these value make this clan become dreaded with another ethnic in south Sulawesi. From this value clan bugis has a tradition for prosposal marriage, its call Panai’ (amount of money as a gift for the bride). Panai’ could be motivation for a groom to prove their love to the bride.
            The Panai’ to marry Bugis woman is not minim, the woman from clan Bugis famous as their expensive woman. The level of social strata of women and their education levels usually become standard in determining the amount of money to appy. So if the bride are from descendants of blue blood (the royal family Tallo, Gowa, Bone), then the money will be rise tens of millions. Likewise if level of education bride is S1, S2, or medicine, it will apply the same thing. The family (brother of the father or mother), had the most influence in decisions regarding the amount of money Panai’ and dowry. Not infrequently, because the issues are complicated in this case makes loving couples usually take the final step, namely silariang (Eloped), as a shortcut to become together.
However, If the amount of money demanded rises would be met by the groom, it would be prestige (honor) to the woman's family. The honor here is a taste of the appreciaton given by the groom to the woman he wanted to marry by providing a magnificent feast for marriage through Panai’. The amount of Panai’ depends on the level of social strata and educational bride in terms of the role of the prospective bride's family. Wade, C. and Travis, C. (2007) explains that the role of a social position that is governed by a set of norms which later showed appropriate behavior. This tradition could be national cullture and can be follow by another ethnic becouse is not just tradition, but Panai’ is a culture to give respect for a woman. as we know in this era a man rarely give appreciation to woman and Panai’ can become  media for men to show their love.  
For men who are a  local or come from ethnic Bugis-Makassar, meet the amount of  Panai’ can also be seen as a cultural practice Siri’, so a woman who are they really loves become a very big motivation to meet the amount of money Panai’ which would otherwise require. Motivation can be defined as a motivating factor that comes in human beings in this case to meet the amount of money Panai’, which would then affect the way a person acts. Thus, motivation will affect his performance at work.

In conclusion, Panai’ as media for show our love. Panai has a deep meaning to become national culture. Panai’ is a form appreciation for  a woman, while in this era respect for a woman become decline and Panai’ can also prove a love. As a woman we want to a man to prove their love and with Panai’ we can see the struggle and how big they love us.

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