Minggu, 12 Juli 2015

Unique Trip

People say “the older you, the more experience that u have in your life.”. However, I find this saying not true. I was a kind of people who didn’t have many experiences. While other people like to spend their time to travel the world, I prefer to stay in my bed and read some romantic novels. But there will be a time where we (have to) get out of our comfort zone. So, when it happened to me, I’m addicted and thought to do a lot of travel. I had some experienced in some place but I like to tell my experience when I was go to Japan’s event. MTGS (makassar toys & games show) is the unique experience that I ever had.
            When we were arrive in the event I became know that there is not just one event but 2 events. Beside MTGS there is a technology exhibition that was show us so many type of technology such as smartphone and laptop. So we decided to see it first, ofcours there will be a beautiful saleswoman with their beauty and their lovely voice they seduced costumer specially for a man and explain about their goods, I was just can shaked my head in that time. After we’ve done saw all of the stands in there then we moved to japan event.  The first stuff I saw is a poster of Avenger, they all stand with their own style to show us their power, to show us how they become a hero of saving the world.  And one of the poster Hulk show us a way to go to contest of action figure. There is a hundred of action figure and it almost action figure from anime japan such us naruto, one piece, kesatria baja hitam, sayya etc. but there is some of it that really take my attention one of them is betmeen. I was stunned to see their identical face, even their skin is same and the best things is betmeen’s shoes. He’s shoes emit a shine like a light in the room indicate that it is really well maintanied by he’s owner.
 one hour later we was take a sit in front of the stage to watched a cosplay contest. All the cosplay woman are really beautiful and they like a doll with their dress, hair colour, eyes colour, and white skin. the things that really unique for me is when I saw a cosplay woman do dance on the stage, her hair is long hair that reach her ankle with a blue that make it shine. she was usually wave her hair like a goodess on the stage  and she seems like famous among the for the guys in there who scream her name out loud like she was the best things ever in the event, I was wondering what make her became famous she even not really beautiful as like other girls even her dance it was pedestrian. So I asked my friend and she was laughing me and she said “she is a not a girl but a guy that costum like a cosplay woman”. I was speechless and said “but he’s wearing a stocking for lingeria that i even not ever try”  we were laughed for a long time. Before we go home, we were take a picture with some cosplay and sing together with the band in there. And after I  usher my friend i was go home with the movies she promised.
Sometimes the great experience didn’t need a long trip, but when we enjoyed our time in one place it will be a great experience, even if  it’s begin from compulsion we can get knowledge and somethings that we never had to see it before. the world is wide explore it as long as you can and u will be fell amazed of what god created for us.

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