Minggu, 12 Juli 2015

Unique Trip

People say “the older you, the more experience that u have in your life.”. However, I find this saying not true. I was a kind of people who didn’t have many experiences. While other people like to spend their time to travel the world, I prefer to stay in my bed and read some romantic novels. But there will be a time where we (have to) get out of our comfort zone. So, when it happened to me, I’m addicted and thought to do a lot of travel. I had some experienced in some place but I like to tell my experience when I was go to Japan’s event. MTGS (makassar toys & games show) is the unique experience that I ever had.
            When we were arrive in the event I became know that there is not just one event but 2 events. Beside MTGS there is a technology exhibition that was show us so many type of technology such as smartphone and laptop. So we decided to see it first, ofcours there will be a beautiful saleswoman with their beauty and their lovely voice they seduced costumer specially for a man and explain about their goods, I was just can shaked my head in that time. After we’ve done saw all of the stands in there then we moved to japan event.  The first stuff I saw is a poster of Avenger, they all stand with their own style to show us their power, to show us how they become a hero of saving the world.  And one of the poster Hulk show us a way to go to contest of action figure. There is a hundred of action figure and it almost action figure from anime japan such us naruto, one piece, kesatria baja hitam, sayya etc. but there is some of it that really take my attention one of them is betmeen. I was stunned to see their identical face, even their skin is same and the best things is betmeen’s shoes. He’s shoes emit a shine like a light in the room indicate that it is really well maintanied by he’s owner.
 one hour later we was take a sit in front of the stage to watched a cosplay contest. All the cosplay woman are really beautiful and they like a doll with their dress, hair colour, eyes colour, and white skin. the things that really unique for me is when I saw a cosplay woman do dance on the stage, her hair is long hair that reach her ankle with a blue that make it shine. she was usually wave her hair like a goodess on the stage  and she seems like famous among the for the guys in there who scream her name out loud like she was the best things ever in the event, I was wondering what make her became famous she even not really beautiful as like other girls even her dance it was pedestrian. So I asked my friend and she was laughing me and she said “she is a not a girl but a guy that costum like a cosplay woman”. I was speechless and said “but he’s wearing a stocking for lingeria that i even not ever try”  we were laughed for a long time. Before we go home, we were take a picture with some cosplay and sing together with the band in there. And after I  usher my friend i was go home with the movies she promised.
Sometimes the great experience didn’t need a long trip, but when we enjoyed our time in one place it will be a great experience, even if  it’s begin from compulsion we can get knowledge and somethings that we never had to see it before. the world is wide explore it as long as you can and u will be fell amazed of what god created for us.

Damage of Use Earphone

Have you ever though about damage of use earphone ? with so many portable audio devices available these day, an increasing number of us begun using earphones  on a daily basis. Everywhere, people can be seen walking around with earphone at their ears. However, an indirect effect of this habit is the possibility of damaging our ears. The use of earphone for long time with high volume can cause temporary deafness.
Any sound louder than 85 dB(decibels) is considered dangerous to our ears while the maximum volume of earphones are 110 dB. To illustrate how loud that is, a rock concert ususally measure in at about 110-120 dB so hearing with your earphone with maximum volume as same as you having a rock concert in your eart. We usually use 90 decibels  when we listened music, actually it’s may not damage your hearing, but if your ears are exposed for extended duration, there is a definite risk. If you were to listen to the 90 dB sound for three hours, you could cause the same damage as a 150 dB. Which 150 dB is the average sound level of a shotgun! So the person is already using their earphone at the level greater than 85 dB and they are doing so for extented period of time, there is a very high risk of permanent noise. According from The National Academy Of Sciences said that the noise level similar to those of jet levels can be heard on eaphone on personal music players if they are turned up loud enough. Scientists have know that temporary deafness and tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) can be caused by noises louder that 110 dB.
The  bad effect of the use earphone should be fix it by  manage the time and the volume safely .we also ignored the consequences of earphone and like to turn up the music as loud as we can and listened for long time. Do not wait the disease to came to you and will regret it someday when you loss it, who will be take care of your health if it is not you.

Proposal Marriage

Marcus Garvey states that “a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”. Culture is our identity, one of the clan who has still hold their culture in south Sulawesi is clan Bugis. their value is Siri’ Na Pacce (embarrassed and guilty), these value make this clan become dreaded with another ethnic in south Sulawesi. From this value clan bugis has a tradition for prosposal marriage, its call Panai’ (amount of money as a gift for the bride). Panai’ could be motivation for a groom to prove their love to the bride.
            The Panai’ to marry Bugis woman is not minim, the woman from clan Bugis famous as their expensive woman. The level of social strata of women and their education levels usually become standard in determining the amount of money to appy. So if the bride are from descendants of blue blood (the royal family Tallo, Gowa, Bone), then the money will be rise tens of millions. Likewise if level of education bride is S1, S2, or medicine, it will apply the same thing. The family (brother of the father or mother), had the most influence in decisions regarding the amount of money Panai’ and dowry. Not infrequently, because the issues are complicated in this case makes loving couples usually take the final step, namely silariang (Eloped), as a shortcut to become together.
However, If the amount of money demanded rises would be met by the groom, it would be prestige (honor) to the woman's family. The honor here is a taste of the appreciaton given by the groom to the woman he wanted to marry by providing a magnificent feast for marriage through Panai’. The amount of Panai’ depends on the level of social strata and educational bride in terms of the role of the prospective bride's family. Wade, C. and Travis, C. (2007) explains that the role of a social position that is governed by a set of norms which later showed appropriate behavior. This tradition could be national cullture and can be follow by another ethnic becouse is not just tradition, but Panai’ is a culture to give respect for a woman. as we know in this era a man rarely give appreciation to woman and Panai’ can become  media for men to show their love.  
For men who are a  local or come from ethnic Bugis-Makassar, meet the amount of  Panai’ can also be seen as a cultural practice Siri’, so a woman who are they really loves become a very big motivation to meet the amount of money Panai’ which would otherwise require. Motivation can be defined as a motivating factor that comes in human beings in this case to meet the amount of money Panai’, which would then affect the way a person acts. Thus, motivation will affect his performance at work.

In conclusion, Panai’ as media for show our love. Panai has a deep meaning to become national culture. Panai’ is a form appreciation for  a woman, while in this era respect for a woman become decline and Panai’ can also prove a love. As a woman we want to a man to prove their love and with Panai’ we can see the struggle and how big they love us.

Just Some Space

How many times did you spent your time on the gym ?, the study of 1.600 participants found that people on less than 200.00 a year went to the gym for an hour a week. An hour a week its not enought to keep your physical activity and your healthy, at least u need going to the gym less than five times a week. Though this life style is very important to keep up good health.exercise, sport, yoga, are some of the good habits to be followed for healthy living by everyone of us. If you want to  healthy physical and mental, you should better choose yoga than gym.
The pysical exercises like gym  work outs seem to put the body to rigorous work and help you burn out some calories, and also giving a good benefit for your blood flow, and heart rate. However, some people didn’t have a time for going to the gym. you need equipment for gymming and also you cannot do it at home. Not everyone can affort a gym at home, and your gym could be far from home and you might end up using precious time reaching there. Then after a gym work out u may fell tired, and having to deal with sore body parts. How about a better alternatif exercises like yoga ? you don’t need any aquipment, just some space around yourself to practice the various asanas. You also save the travel time needed to go to  gym and after a yoga session we will feels energic and fresh.
Most of the people has the same reason for going  to gym. there are for lost weight, build muscle, get rid of stress, etc. In case of gym, there is growth of muscle tissue enabling one to have a desired physical shape. The food intake and the appetite is raised so as to build up the body, after rigorous gym one has sound sleep and body is kept fit. . Gym is the fast way for burning calories than yoga, 30 minutes on an elliptical trainer, running, or bicycling can burns 126.340 and 340 calories, while yoga just burn about 85 calories. Even though yoga is not the exercise that will burn calories as fast as gym. Yoga in the other hand can helps us control the fickle mind, regulate emotions and also bring flexibility to body. Performing yoga helps us overcome mental stress and attain inherent peace. Thus yoga not only burns out calories by physical activity but also helps regulate the Mind. Even the body functions like excretion, digestion, blood flow are regularized and the thought flow in the mind is stabilized.
Yoga it’s not just physically, but mentally, intellectually and spiritually. study found that after seven weeks the group treated with yoga reported significantly less mood disturbance and reduced stress compared to the control group. Another study found that yoga had showed positive effects on sleep anxiety, quality of life, and spiritual growth in cancer patients. Yoga has also been studied as a treatment for shizophrenia Some encouraging, but inconclusive, evidence suggests that yoga as a complementary treatment may help alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia and improve health-related quality of life. Most importanly you can do yoga without pay much money as much as gym. if u don’t want to take a class of yoga, u can watch it how to do it on youtube and u can practice in your home.
Having said these, yoga keep your physical exercise and mental.  It  can  be  used  anywhere, and anytime.  It also for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and benefits for medicane. It is definitely didn’t need much money. there is many reason for us not do sport but with yoga it became fix it and being easy, it is even giving much benefit for us.

Fun Ways to Improve Speaking Skills

As the modern era we have to know our international language, becouse English is spoken throughout the world by different countries. English is therefore not a language that one can ignore, through it you can gain access to important fields and people. Having adequate communication skills will take you places. Think of how interesting it is to talk to anybody in the world and understand each other well, so it is important to us to learn or improve our English. research shows that we learn more when we are having fun. A lot of reading , listening music, and watching  movies are the best and funny ways to learn and improve your English skill.
 reading in English is one of  the most effective  and funny ways to build your vocabulary. In fact, native English speakers get the same advice.  Most of the lecture always tell their students that if they want to have a large vocabulary, they must read widely. Whether you enjoy reading the news online or you prefer books, there's a huge variety of English reading material on offer. Not all English books and websites are equally difficult to read.  by reading  novel that you like, you will make fun for  yourself  becouse you are comfortable with it and  it something that you like  so when you come across a word you don't understand, look it up and add it to your vocabulary list and also u will know the meaning of the story.
Working with songs is a very good idea because you work with a material your favorite songs  that you like and enjoy. This fact is going to make the process of learning more pleasant for you. You can work and improve all the four basic skills Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing at the same time through your favorite songs. You are also going to learn new vocabulary and sentences. You can work with songs by different bands and artists and then you are going to work with different accents. U just have to memorize the lyrics and get to know the meaning of it and u would enjoy the music by singing all the time.
Watching  movies in English is a great way to help you improve your English. Especially your listening skills, but you can also improve your spoken English too.with movie in your laptop you can start and stop the films as you want, and you also can replay any section as much as you want. And u need to using a subtitle in English ofcours, becouse as you watch the film scene by scene you might make a note of the main new vocabulary, especially new phrases and words that crop up again and again.  choose a character and try reading their lines whilst the film is playing. Try to copy the actor's accent, and intonation, really act it out. Doing this with friends is a hoot. In fact, once you've watched the film, try acting the whole thing out with friends, record yourselves doing some short scenes and it will make you not realize that it is the part of how you improve your English becouse it’s fun. research shows that we learn more when we are having fun.
In conclusion  there is so much ways to improve our English one of them is make fun of it. when we enjoy and comfort with what we learn  it  will make  easier for us to get the knowledge. Sometimes you don’t need  to be a serious one to study something but you can make it fun for u to learn by yourself.