Minggu, 31 Mei 2015


Corruption in Indonesia is growing systematically, for many pople the corruption is no longer a violation of the law,  but it become a habit. In all comparative studies of corruption among countries, Indonesia has always occupy the hight potion. This situation can lead to the eradication of corruption in indonesia is increasingly enhanced by exterminate of corruption. But  until this time we can’t see the progress of exterminate of corruption. CBT, execution, and education anti-corruption in the school, are the best solution to decrease corruption.
CBT (character buliding training) is a program from Alauddin Islamic University it’s puspose to make us close to our god, as we know the people who was did corruption that means their faith is low. In CBT we are  learn to to built or own character through respect ourself, recognize ourselft, our aim in the future with write out our purpose in our own life at the papers and it will be motivation for us to get it, and also learn to be afraid from punishment that will be come if we do a bad things and the best things is it remind us of the death through “malam renungan” where we will woke up in the middle of the night and they willl show us a grave with so many sounds out of these grave such as scream and cry as example punishment for the bad people. People who has a strong faith will awarness of what they do is it bad or right. 3 times in a year would be great to carry for official.
Execution or capital punishment is one of many ways to prevent corruuption , even thought this law is really extreme but it will became the best solution though in Indonesia corruptor even can get VVIP jail after assigned as corruptor. With this law they will be thingking of it first before do corruption and it also give a wary effect to another official. As example in China, China is a big country with many communities. Though in 2008, 2009, amd 2010, he Dui Hua Foundation astimate that 5,000 people were executed each year in china. Likewise other countries such as Iran or Singapore that have higher per capital execition rates. But this 3 counties become in the low position of corruption of among countries.
Education in schools should be done in a sustainable manner starting from the moral knowing, moral feeling, to moral action. Why, because education has a strategic role in supporting and even accelerate the formation of civilized society, has the ability, skills, ethics, and motivation for active berpartisifasi honestly in society. In this context, we need to build a "honest cafeteria" in the schools. Technically, the "honest cafeteria" in the school, every students may take any item in the cafeteria, pay, and take their own money returns. No teacher watching, so if someone would be dishonest to take something without paying or paying it wants it, nobody would ever know. All it takes is listening to the sound or word conscience, to feel without being watched by anyone, then the heart and the actions still need to realize honest attitude. Through habit and giving examples, students will learn to be honest, hard working, disciplined, brave, responsibility, self-contained, simple, fair, and caring, which is expected to form the character of anti-corruption.

In conclusiaon, we could relieve corruption in many ways provided that we want to start it. Increase our faith, the good law enforcement, is a good step to clean our goverment. Awarness of corruption is important issue  that have to fix of us. Who will be change our own goverment if it is not us.

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